Our Mission

The mission of Power of Together 2, Southeastern Connecticut, is to connect neighbors and combine their resources to make a difference for those in need throughout New London County.


How do we do this?  By joining a local chapter individuals can pool their resources to provide meaningful support for local causes.  Each member commits to donating $100 each quarter to a local cause, charity or non-profit.  The members gather once a quarter and in less than an hour they choose one cause that will receive all of the chapter’s donations for that quarter.  To select the cause, any member can put their name in the hat to give a pitch for a local need.  Three names are drawn, each person gives a five-minute pitch describing the need, and then the membership votes.  The cause receiving the most votes is chosen, the checks are collected, and the monies are presented to the chosen recipient – simple and impactful.  Because there are upwards of 100 members in each chapter, the recipient receives a gift for approximately $10,000.  The beauty of Power of Together is that a collective decision by the membership made in a short amount of time has a lasting impact on those who need it most in our local communities. The power of together!